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    Recommended Businesses and Resources HOME BOARDING Pampered Borders (Clipstone) Molly's Mutts (Mansfield) Happy Hounds & Feline Friends (Edwinstowe) HEALTH & WELLBEING Momentum Veterinary Physiotherapy Nina's Veterinary Physiotherapy East Midlands Clinical Canine Massage Papplewick Pet Services (Teeth Cleaning) ​ RESOURCES & EQUIPMENT The Muzzle Movement Canine Arthritis Management DOGGY DAYCARE Pampered Borders (Clipstone) Daddy's Doggy Daycare (King's Clipstone) DOG GROOMING Papplewick Pet Services PET SITTING Kayson Pet Sitting Sammy's Wonder Walks ​ BEHAVIOUR & TRAINING Canine Assist Feral Hearts Wag Right ​ SOLO WALKS & VISITS Happy Paws With Kayla Maria Canine Care Consultant DOG FRIENDLY Capo Lounge (Mansfield Town Centre) Fables Coffee House (Edwinstowe) ​

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    We all need help with our hounds from time to time for whatever reason and we are here to help. ​ Regular exercise and stimulation has so many great benefits and here at The Little Hound we have your dog's health, well-being and happiness at heart. ​ We aim to physically and mentally exercise your dog so after a long day you can come back and cuddle up with your pooch on the sofa without the added stress of fitting in their walk. ​ All walks include the cost of transport, but is not part of your paid walk time ​ Poo bags are provided. We use fully compostable bags to be kinder to our environment Did you know? Giving dogs the opportunity to have 1 hour to get out in to nature and calm their nervous systems through sniffing and play helps them reset Group walks A great way to socially enhance your dog's walk. Learn manners, make friends and improve confidence. All group walks start and end on lead with the opportunity for off lead time in areas that are safe and suitable, with good behaviour. In groups of up to six dogs to ensure quality care and attention we offer hour long adventure walks in the countryside. Your dog will get muddy! All dogs need recall and walk reasonably well on lead. A Complimentary paw wash is available *if* your dog tolerates this. Price: £15 .00 ​ Solo Walks After a little more one-on-one time for your hound? Whether your dog is a diva that loves being in the spotlight, can't do group walks due to health or age or just simply doesn't like other dogs and struggles with reactivity get in touch to schedule a solo walk to meet your dog's personal needs and requirements. ​ Solo walks are only offered outside the peak hours of 9.30-4 midweek ​ Price: £16 - 30 mins £22 - 60 mins Saluki/Greyhound Pomeranian Staffordshire bull terrier holding tennis balls in his mouth German Shepherd Young Boxer Dog. THE VAN Professional custom-made double entranced steel crates, this is to ensure your dog has their own space to travel comfortably and securely and is protected in case of an accident. ​ A water bowl is provided so they have access to water at all times. ​ Well ventilated, with extra fans pulling in the fresh air and improving circulation. ​ Small rinse-off for the muddier days, Towels, Brushes, First aid kits, Long lines and other equipment are provided to ensure they are given the best possible care whilst they are with us. next steps Firstly, fill the below form out I will respond ASAP, where we can arrange your free, informal 20-minute meet and greet. This is where we discuss you and your dog's needs in greater detail, including temperament, health issues and routines to ensure peace of mind that your dog's needs are met ​​ Get in touch First Name Last Name Phone Email Address & Postcode Submit

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    Pop in Pet care Got a puppy or a senior dog at home that needs their day breaking up when you are unable to pop home? ​ ​ Take the stress and worry out of your day by booking them in for a bespoke 30 minute visit from us. We are happy to tend to your dog's needs whether they need extra toilet breaks and feeding, or just some company, play and cuddles. ​ ​ ​ We will always clean up any accidents that may happen and provide (p)updates for your peace of mind. ​ Nail Trimming Have you got a dog that is terrified of nail trims? Or maybe you were hoping to prevent your dog from being terrified of nail trims but not sure where to start. Let us help! ​ We practice co-operative care to change how they feel about having their nails done to prevent unnecessary stress where possible in unavoidable areas of pet care. ​ ​ We will be extending to other areas in co-operative care soon. Please message for more information. Socialisation Are you in need of some puppy socialisation support? As we head into winter it can be hard to make the most out of those dwindling daylight hours, let us give you a helping hand! ​ ​ Introducing your puppy to different environments they will encounter in life at their own pace during the early months of development is crucial to your dog being able to adapt to our world as they grow older. ​ ​ Maybe you have specific areas of socialisation you would like to focus on, such as sounds or surfaces. Or you would like your puppy to come along on one of our group walks to watch the environment and dogs interacting from a safe distance. We can discuss your exact needs for your new family member and tailor each visit individually.

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    To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. DOG WALKING Need some help exercising your hound? Whilst we specialise in groups we do offer solo dog walking too. Read More DROP-IN VISITS Have a new puppy, an elderly dog or just not enough time in the day? Tailor a drop in appointment to your best friend's needs. Read More My name is Liane, I have two beagles of my own, named Nugget and Nellie. The Little Hound was named after my first Beagle, Lola, who was the reason this all began. ​ With over 9 years of experience walking dogs professionally, rest assured your dog's safety health and happiness is extremely important to us. Your dog will be considered part of the family and treated that way too - with kindness, care, consistency and patience. All breeds and sizes are welcome here despite being called The Little Hound! ​ When I'm not working, I'm always doing my best to continue my own professional development and keep up to date with positive reinforcement methods to improve and enhance my services every day. Insured & DBS Checked 9 years experience Canine First Aid Trained Constant Learning

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    Frequently Asked Questions Trusting your pet with a stranger is never an easy decision, and I’m sure you have a lot of questions about how it works. I’ve compiled some of the most common questions into the list below. If you want further information, just get in touch Q. What areas do you cover? A. You will find us walking in: Forest Town, Clipstone, Berry Hill, Mansfield. Q. How do I book and pay? A. You can book in via text message if you are ad hoc or choose set days when starting with the choice of bank transfer or direct debit. Q. Do you let dogs off the lead? A. With your permission dogs are let off lead where it is safe or on a long line where needed. Dogs who are not listening will be put back on lead. Q. How will my dog(s) be transported to and from walks? A. In a dedicated dog van with 4 double entrance crates to ensure safety during transport, and to allow each dog to have their own space and water bowl to travel comfortably while in our care. The side door gives access to a larger secure partition for those nervous of confined spaces or larger breeds. Q. What happens in the event of an emergency? A. In the event of an emergency all owners will be notified straight away and appropriate action taken. This may mean taking your dog to your nominated vet or depending on the location of the walk and factors of the incident, the closest vet possible. I am Canine First Aid trained to be able to treat at the scene before transporting to the vets if and when necessary. Q. Do you walk females in heat? A. No we do not. We instead opt for home and garden play during this time Q. What if my dog doesn't get on with others on your group walk? A. We will always do our best to match up personalities and play styles and all introductions will be carried out in a safe manner. However, if your dog does not get on with others we will communicate back to you on what will best suit your dog's needs as we want every dog to enjoy their walks Q. In the event my dog becomes separated from you, what actions will you take? A. We always add an emergency pet tag to their collar/harness with our details and notify you if they are gone longer than ten minutes. Just as with our own dogs if they got lost every effort possible will go into finding them as soon as possible. Lost dog protocol is activated after 15 minutes. Q. What about my home? A. Boot covers are always worn when muddy before entering your property and your dog will receive a complimentary paw wash and towel dried if needed. If you have an outside hosepipe I am more than happy to give a quick rinse off in the muddier conditions and for those who have a hound who loves to roll in something yucky! ​ Please ensure all doors are closed to areas of your home that are not "dog proof" as your hound will inevitably be mucky and/or smelly upon return after having plenty of fun Q. Do you work evenings or weekends? A. If you are a regular customer then we will do our best to accommodate any requests although there will be an additional £8 charge to reflect this. With this being an extremely physical job we have to do our best to avoid injuries and burnout! Q. Do you board dogs? A. Unfortunately at present we cannot board dogs. ​ Q. Who can you recommend for other dog related services? A. For those looking for Canine services that I cannot or do not provide, I can recommend the following: ​ ​ Wonder Walks (Pet Sitting) Happy Paws With Kayla (Solo Walks) Sit Stay Paws (Group Walker - Edwinstowe & Woodhouse) ​ Pampered Borders (Home Boarder & Day care) Molly's Mutts (Home Boarder) Daddys Doggy Daycare & Boarding ​ ​ Canine Assist (Behaviour & Training) Feral Hearts (Behaviour & Training) ​ Momentum Veterinary Physiotherapy Nina's Veterinary Physiotherapy East Midlands Clinical Canine Massage (More to come) ​

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