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Pop in Pet care

Got a puppy or a senior dog at home that needs their day breaking up when you are unable to pop home?

Take the stress and worry out of your day by booking them in for a bespoke 30 minute visit from us. We are happy to tend to your dog's needs whether they need extra toilet breaks and feeding, or just some company, play and cuddles.

We will always clean up any accidents that may happen and provide (p)updates for your peace of mind.

Nail Trimming

Have you got a dog that is terrified of nail trims? Or maybe you were hoping to prevent your dog from being terrified of nail trims but not sure where to start. Let us help!


We practice co-operative care to change how they feel about having their nails done to prevent unnecessary stress where possible in unavoidable areas of pet care.

We will be extending to other areas in co-operative care soon. Please message for more information.


Are you in need of some puppy socialisation support? As we head into winter it can be hard to make the most out of those dwindling daylight hours, let us give you a helping hand!

Introducing your puppy to different environments they will encounter in life at their own pace during the early months of development is crucial to your dog being able to adapt to our world as they grow older. 

Maybe you have specific areas of socialisation you would like to focus on, such as sounds or surfaces. Or you would like your puppy to come along on one of our group walks to watch the environment and dogs interacting from a safe distance. We can discuss your exact needs for your new family member and tailor each visit individually.

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